Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TUnESDAY - Demons

Demons...I expected another meaning. I don’t know what I expected, just didn’t expect it to hit home. “Everyone has collected at least a little "dirt" on their seemingly spotless appearance over the years; everyone has a few "Demons" in their closets, buried in the deep catacombs of their subconscious mind.” I’m not sure how much more true it gets. It always bugs me when other act like they are perfect and haven’t done anything wrong. I know. I know. You’re rolling your eyes and saying, “This coming from the arrogant and conceited one.” I have confidence, but I’ve never hid the fact I have demons. I’ve made mistakes, some of you have made the same. Our Demons are not much different. To be honest, in my personal opinion, I am not putting your Demons above mine. Your’s are right in line with mine. You’re no less than me for the things you’ve done. Again, just my opinion, but I’m forgiving. I’ve learned I have to be. It almost feels like I walked through a rainshower of Demons, some beading up and running off, but some absorbing in and creating a new situation. But with each Demon has also come a lesson, a way out, a plan of what to do if they try to come back. I can’t give you every answer to what you’re going through. I’ve learned I can’t do this on my own. I’ve tried, I want to be able to fix myself, but I can’t. I need help, I’ll admit it. I can’t wipe clean the dirt from your life, but I can help you open the curtains and see where to start. It’s time we change the course and look outside of us to a new beginning. Together we can get rid of the Demons.

Demons by Imagine Dragons
Twitter - @ImagineDragons

Meaning and Lyrics - http://click2connect.hubpages.com/hub/Demons-by-Imagion-Dragons-song-of-the-week-62313-62913

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