Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Counting Stars - TUnESDAY!

If you look up the meaning to OneRepublic’s Counting Star’s you’ll notice there are many translations. The one quoted by the bands frontman, Ryan Tedder, is the meaning that reached me the most. Life has been a struggle the past few years, success it’s not in the place I wished it would be. We’ve all been there and some are still there...Can I get an AMEN!?

“Lately I’ve been sleep. Dreaming about the things we could be...”
Nights are rough, I hate sleeping. I feel like I should be up working on these books and scripts I have in my mind, but when I get out of bed and put fingers to keyboard...nothing. I run blank. I had a great streak of blogs and rants a few years back and it made me come alive and realize what I wanted to do to create my staple in life. I want to be a writer, but without words there’s just a blank page. And a blank page doesn’t create a future.

“Old, but I’m not that old. Young, but I’m not that bold…”
I may have my days of feeling like I’m 80, but I’m not 30 yet. I understand that, I have forever in front of me, and each blank page is for me to fill. And now for the bold part...confident Ryan struggles with the self confidence part of what he creates….I know! After I write this I won’t even read it again. I’ll send it to someone who will proofread, edit, and probably even post for me. I’ve written many things, recorded many voices, and acted in many productions, but never once taken a look back. I’m afraid to. I guess you really are your worst critic.

“I feel something so right, By doing the wrong thing. And I feel something so wrong, By doing to right thing.”
And now here’s your part… I’ve heard people tell me I will do great things in life. Really wish you could fill me in, because those are fantastic words, but doesn’t make it easier. I know the future I want for myself, but know some of you will look down on me. And I know the path some want me to have, but I know where I need to be. I want to make books and scripts that will change lives. I want to create movies and television shows that will make people laugh, love and learn. I want to bring some class back to Hollywood. “In the world but not of it…” right? If you really think I can become anything I believe I can be, then believe in me. I have a family filled with ministers, pastors, and evangelists, and I’m sure that’s the path most of you wish I would go down. I am, just on a different stage. I want to create a visual that families can enjoy together. I feel right doing what you wouldn’t recommend, but I feel wrong ignoring what you wouldn’t have me do. “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…” I am writing the parts I want to play. I won’t disappoint you.

“Take that money, Watch it burn…”
It’s not about the money. Yes, money makes things better. Everyone who tells me money doesn’t buy happiness was usually just talking about struggling financially. It might not buy happiness, but it doesn’t hurt. I want the opportunity. I have other dreams besides writing. I have been blessed with some many people who have greater talents than I could ever carry. The money just helps us move forward. You know who you are...I want to open a record label for you. I want to create a clothing line for you. I want to help you create, design, market, and promote. I want to help your dream come true. I want to help create your ellipsis.

“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”
This life is hard, but I’m learning how to live it. And with your help we will survive. I would have never imagined I would want to be a writer, and if any of my old teachers read this I’m sure they’re completely agreeing with me. I never like to write growing up. But I’ve gained a lot of new skills and talents I would’ve never expected.
So if you bare with me, help me, pray with me, we'll be able to sit back  and say
“no more counting dollars. We’ll be counting stars.”

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