Thursday, October 17, 2013

Killing America - Thursday Throwdown

Bill O’Reilly has three books out called Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, and Killing Jesus. All of which detail the events leading up to the murders of 3 of the world’s most popular men. As I listen to the O’Reilly interview with David Letterman on The Late Show I think, maybe his next book should be called Killing America...or for my southern friends Merica! I know, cynical, but where are we going? So the government shutdown is over! least until January, and then what? We begin all of this wonderful news coverage all over again? What happened to us...or to the U.S. rather? We were the top dog, we were the powerful, we were the wealthiest. We had everything. But little by little we dissolve our rights, beliefs, faiths, trusts, and lives. We were feared. Now...and just thinking...other countries probably just laugh. I know I do. North Korea is probably thinking, “Wow...South Korea isn’t that bad compared to the U.S.” Will we ever get our stuff together? Wait...did I say “We”? I’m beginning to think there is no “We”. Both parties are getting what they want, but what about “We”, the American people. The ones who voted in these “Parties”. I understand government feels the need to help war-torn, tragedy-run, and disaster-ridden countries, but at some point you to take their training wheels off and see if they can ride on their own. How long do we have to hold them up? How long do we let our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, family, friends, ...heck, those people we don’t even really like but still respect and call acquaintances. They too put their lives on the line for a cause (one that is much like a used car sale's pitch for a Pinto). But I digress, since July 4, 1776 we have stood tall on keeping our guns, saying whatever whenever we want, and trusting in God. And now what? I can’t keep my gun? Or trust in God? Or say any of what I just said? Why? Why indeed?! Because someone has a problem with whoever says whatever whenever whyever….again...WHATEVER! We need change, I get it. But how about some good change, no, how about some GREAT change? It’s time we get real and get a life. If you want a gun, fine. Just don’t be stupid or you will be responsible. If you want to say, do, or be however you want then fine, but you may be held accountable for your actions to a judge, jury, or a much higher power (I know all the religious people were waiting with baited breath for that one!). This brings us to religion; I am a Christian and I believe there is a God. If you don’t want to, then ok, but that doesn’t mean you have to denounce everything I or anyone else says. Do what you want. We will see one day what is really going to happen. If you are Homosexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual then you be happy, again...religious peeps just simmer down for a bit until the plane has come to a complete stop. LGBTH, H is for the straight folk, it is not my Ryan Barton, place to judge and I will not do so. I love you, no matter what I believe is the right or wrong sexual lifestyle. I love you and there's nothing you can do about it: I will never turn my back on you. People still freak out over interracial relationships, some made allowances for Mexicans or Asians, but shtuff hits the fan when white folk bring home an African American. I don’t get it! Don't you see we’re all just one big box of crayons making this world a beautiful picture? Who cares what color! At this point, we should be worried what they'll say when your kid starts falling in love with his robot in the future...awkward, but you know it’s gonna happen. 

To clarify, I say what I say because I can, because my life began in 1776 when I was given the opportunity to talk and say anything I want. It began then. Change IS NOT fixing what’s working, it’s correcting what isn’t. So when you drive to work and the men and women protecting you are getting their pay, don’t snarl and look with an uneasy gesture. Smile, because you are alive, you have the chance to give your opinion, your right, your belief, and a chance to breathe. Who knows how long we have...cause they climbin in yo wallet and snatchin your money up, tryin to take over and dictator this country up! Hide yo guns! Hide yo knife! Hide yo guns! Hide yo knife!

If you’re interested in the Bill O’Reilly books check them out here-

If you’re concerned some of the words are made up..they are. You’re welcome.

And if you disagree with anything I have to say…
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