Monday, October 14, 2013

MentiONDAY - Riley!

Standing in Target I say "Riley, try this jacket on." He handed me his hoodie and out of the pocket fell a pack of Poptarts. "Why do you have these?" With that innocent Riley look he said "In case I get hungry." If you need a moment of random, talk to Riley. If you need someone you can trust, talk to Riley. He is one of the most remarkable people I have had the pleasure of knowing. The only person I trust more with my money, even more than myself. He's great with money! Seriously, if you need a financial plan, you should talk to him and he should charge you! ...and I should get a finders fee! I think karma has a stipulation where if you have any wrong doing toward Riley, Karma will hire me and I will show you the wrath of karma. Treat him with kindess and you will be blessed, but that part won't come from me, that'll come from him. Riley, you are one of the greatest inspirations and influences in my life. Without you, I would never be the same. I'm proud of you and your future endeavors.
Check out Riley on Twitter @MrRileyRies

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